Miso Soup                            1.95
Bean paste with seaweed, bean curds
Rice                                       1.95
Steam Rice
Greed Salad                          1.95
Freash mixed vegetables with house dressing
Seaweed Salad                     4.99
Seaweed marinated in sesame Sauce
      Soup, Rice  & Salad
Health Salad                          5.50
Lettuce, cucumber, tofu seaweed with sesame dressing 

Spicy Tuna Salad                  6.99
Spicy Tuna, vegetables & cucumber

Avocado Salad                      5.99  
Avocado, radish & Seaweed in miso dressing

Edamame                               3.99
Soybean pods, roiled & lightly salted
Yaki-Soba                              5.95